13 Awesome Flavours

We didn’t want to feed our kids dips that are full of preservatives, colours and thickeners, so we figured out the best way to do that. Use real ingredients & real flavour.

Traditional Hommus

Made the traditional way with chic-pea, tahini and a touch of lemon, this is best eaten with your favourite breads.

Coriander Hommus

With a healthy dose of fresh coriander, this combination adds a lighter taste to this classic.


A Greek specialty that loves being served with shredded chicken, Greek salad & pita bread. Also tasty as a dip.

Garlic Aioli

Garlic aioli needs no introduction, best consumed on nearly anything.

Lime& Chilli Aioli

A lime & chilli twist makes this aioli perfect for any seafood

Basil Pesto

Our chefs hand pick the basil for this classic, Fresh Delights pesto should be on everyone's shopping list. Use in pastas, sandwiches and tasting plates or anywhere you like!

Mint & Pistachio Pesto

Again, hand-picked mint is used in this pesto. We like to coat a rack of lamb in this pesto before cooking to create a minty crust. Use me in your favourite lamb meal.

Olive Tapenade

200 year old Greek olive trees produce the strong flavour in our tapenade. Put me on your cheese board and be everyone's friend.

Red Capsicum Dip

Ultra creamy classic, we have snuck in a touch of sour cream to lighten this tasty capsicum dip.

Balsamic French Onion Dip

Balsamic vinegar, pickled onions? It's our version of French onion dip, and also the best!

Spicy Capsicum Dip

The classic capsicum dip with a hint of cayenne.
Classic capsicum, Classic combination

Avocado, Basil & Chilli Dip

Not sure if you're in Mexico or Asia? Then you must be eating this Fine Australian Avocado, fresh basil & chilli dip. It takes you to another place!

Beetroot Dip

Australians love beetroot, Australians love a BBQ. This dip covers both occasions, invite me to your next event.

Allergen Advice

Our kitchen uses zero artificial ingredients however in doing that our store area contains ALL allergens please refer to packaging for more details, but remember. If in doubt, leave it out!