Better than a restaurant!

WOW! One of our most popular lines, we have on the menu some classic soups from Asia, Italy and Europe with a few eclectic fusions thrown in to guarantee greatness.

A massive winter hit that’s so tasty that we continue to sell them all through summer!

Simply heat & eat!

Thai Pumpkin Infused With Lime & Lemongrass

Creamy pumpkin, fresh lime & infused with hand cut lemongrass. Get the family together now…

Chicken Laksa

With more ingredients than you can throw a stick at and famous in its Malay & Singapore origins it's bound to be a taste sensation!

Pea & Ham

In 400BC you could buy this soup from street vendors in Athens, now my mother has perfected this soup and its my job to sell it to the world. ENJOY!

Spicy Capsicum & Tomato

Italian tomatoes, Greek capsicums and middle eastern spices bring this red wonder to life. Best eaten with fresh crusty bread.

Tomato,Basil, Feta & Truffle

Infusing Italian & French flavours together into a moreish soup that pleases every pallet.


Beef stock, fresh vegetables & herbs, beans & pasta are the main ingredients. Taste tested and approved by children and adults alike.

Fresh Mushroom

Our most popular soup that doesn’t compromise. Heaps of mushroom, heaps of flavour.

Creamy Chicken and Sweetcorn - new flavour!

Classic Asian soup with a twist, we thicken it with real potato, not starch. This makes for an amazing creamy soup.

Allergen Advice

Please see the packaging.