Yoghurt from the fertile region of South Western Australia, our ultra creamy award winning yoghurt must have come from happy cows.

All of our yoghurts are made with 100% real ingredients that you can see and taste, nothing artificial here. First we add the fruit or macadamia, then we fill the tub with all natural Greek honey yoghurt. 100% fruit 100% taste.

See below for our available flavours:

Real Flavour, Really Creamy Yoghurt

  • Passionfruit (Gold 2015, Silver 2013)           
  • Mango (Silver 2015)
  • Greek Honey            
  • Raspberry (Gold 2015, Silver 2013)
  • Mixed Berry (Silver 2013, 2015)              
  • Honey Macadamia
  • Apple Cinnamon (Silver 2013)        
  • Blueberry (Silver 2013)

Allergen Advice

Please see the packaging.